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Pinnacle of sports: World Series, Superbowl, All-star games right?

We Americans think that the world of sports revolve around our glorified US Teams. What I have just learned is that the reason why I can’t find a hotel room in Warsaw is not because of a lack of downtown hotels but it is because the EUFA, European Football Association, (aka:Soccer) starts its finals in Warsaw the day we arrive.  I can think of two people who would be excited about this Jim Joll and my Facebook friend John Miller.  I must admit I am a little scared of people who look like this

crazy fan

running around  but look forward to seeing

Christiano Ronaldo

running around!  (with his friends)


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“I’m Jewish and I know it”

LMFAO's "I'm sexy and I know it"

Ok… I can’t get this stupid song out of my head and my kids want to play it on you-tube all the time. Yesterday, I got an email from an connection whose tree matched up with mine. It was my grandfather’s brother’s granddaughter. We have been corresponding back and forth and filling in gaps with our trees when she says she was not raised Jewish. I was thinking, “Wow, we have non-jewish Weitz’s in our family?”  She was saying how she is doing the tree for the same reasons as I am for our kids and future generations. So…these christian 4th cousins of mine have orthodox jews in their family history.  How interesting it must be for them.  Which brings me to   So… this isn’t your grandfather’s type of Jews but I find it funny to laugh at ourselves.


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I have a great lead for developers!

I am a “just in time” philosophy kinda girl. I was online looking through Travelocity, Orbitz,, and others to book our hotel rooms in Krakow and Warsaw and would you believe that on a specific day (being secure) there are NO rooms to book in Warsaw. Every search engine says try another date. I found one by the airport and booked it. Not happy. Need to now look for cancellations on a daily basis. Really?

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I just want to thank for my trip to Lithuania and Poland this summer


Thank you Mormon Church

I guess I should also thank my family for letting me go with my mother. What a year of research.  April 2011 we started watching “Who do you think you are?” on NBC. Bennett and Brett asked me to start a family tree so I went to Ancestry for the “free 2 weeks.”  Well, a year later I am hooked. We have over 1500 people in our tree. I have found out how I am related to people my parents told me “that’s a cousin”.  I have become a cyberstalker by finding people on Facebook in the “I’m related to” Thank you so much Facebook!  Emailed a bunch of them only few have emailed back. Well I am doing this tree for my kids and their kids so we have a history of who we are. I am so excited to walk my lineage with my mom this summer in Lithuania and Poland.

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