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Do they do 5ks in Warsaw?


Finish Line of Pat’s Run

Just finished Pat’s Run!!! What an exciting race honoring the late Pat Tillman #42 on the ASU football team and the Arizona Cardinals. It is a benefit for military family scholars. Me and 28,000 runners ran in the broiling Arizona heat 4.2 miles finishing up at Sun Devil Stadium on the 42 yard line. So what my thoughts are at the moment… still on my runners high… is… do they run 5ks and 10ks in Warsaw? How fun would that be to hear the Polish national anthem then people counting down in Polish! After the race would they serve Polish hotdogs? Pierogies? Fun thoughts.

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I feel so “International” today

I looked down at my iPhone and I had 8 new messages. I had to smile because 3 of them were International. 1) Grazyna emailed with details of her upcoming second research trip up to NE Poland 2) Jill from Liverpool, emailed about more Freeman family info and 3) Elizabeth has been found in Germany. Who is Elizabeth? Someone who emailed a cousin 12 years ago looking for information about her family that no one had until now. I had googled/white paged/Facebook stalked/LinkedIn searched for her and finally gave up. She is now married and living in Germany. I updated the tree and now have her family info fully updated.  Note to self…Think more “International” next time…. So incredible! Also, stopped at the Verizon store and they said my phone is already set up for International, just call before I leave so they can give me directions on how to phone home. Very International!

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Liverpool Calling

Today I had an incredible exchange with “Jill from Liverpool.”  She found my Aunt Mimi through a picture of my Great Great Grandmother Risa Gittle Freeman online in JewishGen.  Through many exchanges, I think we actually are from the same family. Working out the details but it is all adding up plus we have a mutual address in common! Pretty cool. Keep you updated.


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Trendy problems

Hope everyone had a wonderful and meaningful seder last night. I am at yet another chess tournament with Bennett. I should be reading my book on Abraham Lincoln but instead I am messing around on Twitter. Ms. Brittany Parker  aka @bparker1 not only taught me how to tweet last week but showed me this fabulous twitter site called “trendy problems”. I found some #trendypassoverproblems ones….”I found the afikomen so where’s my money”. ” why is this lip gloss different from all lip glosses?”. “on all other nights I wear MAC but tonight I wear Laura Mercier”. Hehehe


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Did they have Springform pans back in the day?

Katz's lemons Passover Cheesecake

Twas the night before Passover and all the Jews are a bakin…chocolate salted matzah, macaroons, brisket and lemon cheesecake? I was going to make a poem but I have cookin to do… As I make my signature Katz’s lemons Passover cheesecake, I couldn’t help but reflect on my ancestry’s preparation for Passover. My guess from what I have read was they were all pretty religious. They must have been cleaning their cabinets of bread products (limited in variety) donating to the local food bank? Hmm there must have been something back then. So if they were baking pies and cakes… what kind were they? I am guessing they didn’t have Springform pans. I did a Google search to find definitions but no history of when the Springform pan was invented. Even Wikipedia didn’t have it, actually not that surprised.  Wishing everyone a wonderful Passover and Easter holiday.

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