Did they have Springform pans back in the day?

05 Apr

Katz's lemons Passover Cheesecake

Twas the night before Passover and all the Jews are a bakin…chocolate salted matzah, macaroons, brisket and lemon cheesecake? I was going to make a poem but I have cookin to do… As I make my signature Katz’s lemons Passover cheesecake, I couldn’t help but reflect on my ancestry’s preparation for Passover. My guess from what I have read was they were all pretty religious. They must have been cleaning their cabinets of bread products (limited in variety) donating to the local food bank? Hmm there must have been something back then. So if they were baking pies and cakes… what kind were they? I am guessing they didn’t have Springform pans. I did a Google search to find definitions but no history of when the Springform pan was invented. Even Wikipedia didn’t have it, actually not that surprised.  Wishing everyone a wonderful Passover and Easter holiday.

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