What I am served

23 Jun

I love looking at the artistic food postings of my friend Debby Wolvos and the healthy plates of my friend Kim Miller. Being on a group tour we don’t have the freedom of a menu; we all get the same thing. I decided to share with you a few of my plates from earlier tonight. I was one of the few to try the tuna tartar. It looks like a gray pancake but it was really good. The mystery cabbage is still a mystery, enough said. I am enjoying all the lox and dark bread at breakfast. They have some mystery fish that people are eating but it will remain a mystery as I am not interested in trying it.

6.24.12 More dishes. Karaism restaurant in Trakai it was really interesting. We were served a beet salad then meat patties. I attached a picture with more information. We asked what kind of soup was being served, the waiter said, ” some kind of broth soup with a lithuanian grass” lol

Tonight’s dinner was at a beautiful restaurant. They served baked pear with blue cheese, lettuce, and Parmesan cheese. Halibut with a mushroom sauce with purée cauliflower . It was delish.

6.25.12 finally a salad! I am so excited to say I finally had a salad for lunch. Actually, no lettuce but cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, and feta. We also ordered fried dark bread dipped in cheese. I have to say it was good.

6.27.12 have fallen a little behind but had to comment on lunch today. We had beet and apple salad -yum with herring (which I didn’t touch)soup was borscht with a side of potatoes and the entree was potato latkes. Carbs!!!!! Yikes.

6.28.12 Carbs carbs and more carbs. I can’t wait for my Whole Foods salad bar!!! Blinses for breakfast. Probably the best I have ever had. Lunch started with a beautiful salad with tuna and eggs then we had cabbage soup in a dark rye bread bowl, followed by a huge potato dumpling full of cheese ( I took one bite) too rich.

6.28.12 final group dinner at Novotel Vilnius. The fish was butterfly fish? Delicious rhubarb desert

6.29.12 Polish Airline (LOT) has an interesting assortment of weird stuff see picture of tray. eek!


the infamous “tuna tartar” yes, I ate it and it was delicious even though it looked rather nasty


my selection at the buffet for breakfast, I loved having lox and fruit every morning. The baked tomatoes with pesto were delicious


mystery cabbage, have no idea what was in it but didn’t like it very much


mushroom soop with sour cream?


this one was from Poland when we were on our roots tour with Grazyna. This was turkey and potato kishka. It was awesome. Better than grandma used to make it. The salad was a bonus!


our fancy meal. The poached pear was delish! Blue cheese and cheese crisp salad


I believe this was halibut and a califlower mash above. The zucchini formed a flower. Soooo good.


Karaite meal with meet in that pocket and water soup? It was interesting


beet salad was a popular dish, we had it every other day


beautiful buffet at the Radisson




deep fried dark rye bread dipped in mayonaise and cheese, this would be a “No she didn’t but it was a Yes, we did”


after beet salad, borsht with potatoes, we were served potato pancakes for lunch


borsht served with potatoes and sour cream


the most delishous beet and apple salad with scary herring (no I didn’t try the fish)


chicken with potato balls and frozen vegetables, lol


more potato balls with chicken and vegetables (in Jurbarkas)


breakfast in Kaunas, lox on dark rye, banana crepe


coffee was incredible!


tuna salad at the Karoite restaurant, dark rye non-alcoholic carbonated beer?


Best cabbage soup ever! The bread bowl was incredible.


A very scary looking potato and cheese dumpling that scared me too much to try it.


Last breakfast in Kaunas, cheese blinzes and fruit


rhubarb desert in Vilnius at the Novatel final dinner


LOT Airlines dinner on the plane. Yikes! Not sure how it formed a meal, chicken was eatible.


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One response to “What I am served

  1. Mimi

    June 23, 2012 at 6:17 pm

    Food all displayed nicely. I would also have a hard time trying new things. Maybe I would loose five lbs.. Enjoy what appeals to you. Mimi


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