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Number 52

Met with the head archivist Vitalija at the Kaunas archives. We learned about how they kept the records for the region vs the central archives on Vilnius. One thing that was really important was that each family in the town had a number that stayed with the family. If people were added or subtracted it went in a revision list that connected back to that number. This helps genealogists with identifying families prior to surnames. People were not free to move around. They had to have permission and register with authorities when they went to another town. They had internal passports. I ordered records and went through them with the archivist. She also showed me the same plot plan I showed in my previous blog but this one was the original an it was hand painted in color! It was roughly 3×4. So now can understand why we are 52.


Kaunas Archives



Building inspections for “Jewish buildings”   zydu=Jew


copies of original internal passports to move around Soviet Lithuania


posters in the archives of Jewish culture in Kaunas


1907 map of Jurbarkas, Lithuania. We used it to find our families plots, the blue stripes are the Neiman River



List of property owners on the 1907 map


Our family plots were 375 and 385 (Leizer Liubovsky) My great great grandfather


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Light at the end of the tunnel

We traveled to 9th fort. It was absolutely freezing. It was probably 50 degrees with 20 mile per hr winds. It kinda reminded me of the last tine we toured Alcatraz. I could only imagine how dreadful winters would be there. We toured the fort and learned about the 64 who escaped the fortress. Only 16 made it to freedom. They were the Jewish prisoners who had the horrific job of burning the shot bodies from the Kaunas ghetto. We were told that they were marched there from Kaunas and held in cells and shot in groups of 300. We weren’t supposed to take pics but I snuck a few in. Our guide Chaim’s mother was a survivor of the Kaunas ghetto.

There is a picture of Rosenberg’s from Jurbarkas in the Kaunas Ghetto. note to Barbara Eisenberg to check this out. This may be a family picture.

Wiki: The Ninth Fort (Lithuanian: Devintas Fortas) is a stronghold in the northern part of Šilainiai elderate, Kaunas, Lithuania. It is a part of the Kaunas Fortress, which was constructed in the late 19th century. During the occupation of Kaunas and the rest of Lithuania by the Soviet Union, the fort was used as a prison and way-station for prisoners being transported to labour camps. After the occupation of Lithuania by Nazi Germany, the fort was used as a place of execution for 30,000 Jews, captured Soviets, and others.

In the pictures you can see the light at the end of the tunnel like the 64.
The garish soviet monument says something like “dedication to the soviet citizens killed by the Nazis”. Amazing how they couldn’t say Jews.



Rosenbergs of Jurbarkas


Chaim shows is his mother on the wall.


the Kaunas ghetto after it was burned down



The march to the 9th fort


the falling, fallen, and fighters





The Killing fields of the 9th Fort where 30,000 Jews were shot and burned


I have seen this monument before but didn’t realize the scale and how enormous it was.


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