Number 52

27 Jun

Met with the head archivist Vitalija at the Kaunas archives. We learned about how they kept the records for the region vs the central archives on Vilnius. One thing that was really important was that each family in the town had a number that stayed with the family. If people were added or subtracted it went in a revision list that connected back to that number. This helps genealogists with identifying families prior to surnames. People were not free to move around. They had to have permission and register with authorities when they went to another town. They had internal passports. I ordered records and went through them with the archivist. She also showed me the same plot plan I showed in my previous blog but this one was the original an it was hand painted in color! It was roughly 3×4. So now can understand why we are 52.


Kaunas Archives



Building inspections for “Jewish buildings”   zydu=Jew


copies of original internal passports to move around Soviet Lithuania


posters in the archives of Jewish culture in Kaunas


1907 map of Jurbarkas, Lithuania. We used it to find our families plots, the blue stripes are the Neiman River



List of property owners on the 1907 map


Our family plots were 375 and 385 (Leizer Liubovsky) My great great grandfather


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3 responses to “Number 52

  1. Mimi

    June 27, 2012 at 5:38 pm

    All this is so exciting..barb E says its not the same family. The Rosenberg name came later.
    She love the lady Vita..mimi

  2. Celia Fehr

    October 14, 2013 at 8:27 pm

    I came across this blog and noticed the map of all the properties and the names of the people that lived there in 1907. Is there any way that you could tell me if the name “Rehwald” is on the list? My great-grandmother’s family lived in Jurbarkas in the late 1800’s and/or early 1900’s and I would LOVE to know where on the map they lived! I have a photo of them in 1900 standing in front of their home in Jurbarkas. If possible, could you give me that information? I would really appreciate it very much. I would love to visit that area some day! I love my family history and want to know more about them. So much was lost in the wars, etc. and I would love to know more about them. Thank you very much! — Celia Fehr

    • Beth Katz

      July 18, 2014 at 11:05 am

      Celia, I am so sorry for the delayed response. I didn’t know I had “pending” comment. Please email me at I can tell you what I know about Jurbarkas and send you pics too!


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