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Is cyberstalking so bad?


I think everyone close to me (and now public in the Phoenix Jewish News article from last week) knows that I am pretty passionate about doing genealogy research on my Family Tree.  In the article, I admit to being a Facebook stalker.  I may be incorrect but I feel like if you had someone who is doing research on documenting your family tree and you were in that family, wouldn’t you want to know? It is not like I am looking to become best friends; just friendly.   I usually message , “hi, I just wanted to let you know I have done a lot of research on our family and if you are interested, I can send you an invite to our tree”   I usually include how we are related with names.  It is funny…of the family that I have stalked (easy with the “I’m related to” section of Facebook) about 20% have responded. The rest have ignored my message.  My picture is rather normal…I don’t have crazy cat pictures on my wall… wondering why they don’t respond?  It’s ok because the ones I do communicate with have been gems.

I think it is amazing to know I have found family members that are/have been incredible things like….optometrists, butchers, 2  in NFL personnel, Rabbis, writers, the  founder of IHOP, a Holocaust survivor living 3 years in the woods, embroiders, Doctors, actors, flax dealer,  bartenders, Cantors, painters, and a tattoo artist.  Still connecting the dots on Al Jolson…  It is written that he was born in my great great grandmother’s house, she was supposedly his Aunt.


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