Express London

28 Jun

We were in and out but left with a desire to return. Bennett said he would like to come back for a semester of college in London. Brett loved the city, the trees, the grass, and the rain. Actually, we only had a little drizzle. He could do without the smokers. There were a lot of smokers. One thing that David and I talked about was the crazy amount of cranes. I felt like we were back in Boston during the “big dig”. Sign of a boom. It is so nice to emersse in the city’s hustle. We walked and walked and walked seeing do many national treasures. Learned a little bit along the way. Mimi conquered a fear of heights by riding on the London Eye. Definitely a highlight floating above the river. Bennett are fish and chips. A milestone in his history of food. Brett tasted a lot if new foods too. Proud of them both for just going for it. David and the boys split and did “clue quest” where they lock you up in a room and have to solve puzzles and find the clues to get out. You will have to ask them how they did. Where are they anyway? My mom, Mimi and I chose go shopping and to have a nice dinner at Harrods. Yesterday we met up with our cousin Jill who traveled 3 hours from Liverpool to meet us in person. You may remember me blogging about Jill over the past few years. Our history and lineage goes back to Seredzius, Lithuania. Amazing how genealogy takes you on these paths. We had such an lovely time chatting, connecting, and looking at documents dotting i’s and finding the t’s to cross. So happy she made the trip. We all felt a special bond. Blogging right now with my thumbs on our flight to Israel. I woke up Brett this morning saying, “we are going to the holy land, get up” lol! He was miserable. He finally has mellowed out. Excited to go to the beach today and walk around Tel Aviv tonight.

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  1. Jill

    June 28, 2014 at 2:17 pm

    Dear cousin Beth, today I am at my sister’s house, and we have been drawing up the family tree adding in the new jigsaw pieces of info. We are both thrilled to see it now fall into place and show the link between our ancestors. Wonderful to meet you all in person, hopefully our paths will cross again in the future. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Mazel tov! X


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