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Digital Dust

DAD with coast guard buds

Frank Weitz with his Coast Guard buddies

Was cleaning out my closet a few days ago and found a ton of family pictures.  I seem to now be the curator of anything “family tree”.  It is a difficult position to be in because I didn’t know a lot of these people and hate to make assumptions of who they are and how we are related.  I scanned and posted a picture the other day and the comments went wild.  Made me think that maybe I should scan the rest of these pictures and make a Facebook page so people can add to it and pull the pictures for themselves as they want/need them.   It also helps with the “who is who” in the family.  I have 2700+people now in the Weitz-Katz Family tree. I try to attach pictures of the people in the tree when I have them.   I listen to Howard Stern and they always have a commercial for printing pictures, “why have those pictures create digital dust when you can print them for everyone to see”  So… here they are.  Feldman’s-Freeman’s-Weitz’s-Soloff’s-etc…, check out the FB page and please post.


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