About Beth & Florene

About Beth & Florene

Florene & Beth cheering on the Packers for Superbowl 2011

Beth Weitz Katz is an Interior Designer and the owner of KatzDesignGroup in Phoenix, Arizona. She is chronicling genealogy research and a heritage trip to Lithuania and Poland this summer with her mother Florene Weitz to walk the lineage. Obsessed with she has over 2000 people in the Weitz/Katz family tree. This is my first blog.

Florene Feldman Weitz is going along for the ride and to experience the full circle of immigation of her parents.


One response to “About Beth & Florene

  1. Jeff Hughes

    May 5, 2012 at 5:00 pm

    Lino, Pat Huberty and I were at Liverpool–a high end store—in Puerto Vallarta today. We saw a Mexican guy walk by—wearing a white t-shirt with Green Bay Packers written across his chest. I wonder if he knew what he was wearing. Didn’t have a chance to flag him down to talk. lol1


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