Bridge to nowhere

We have spent a lot if time on the borders lately. Atv’ing on the Lebanese border, overlook of Syria at the Golan heights, and touring an old kibbutz overlooking a defunct hydroelectric plant now in Jordan. They are restoring one if the bridges but why? I can’t imagine the train from Damascus to Haifa coming back soon? The man who crated this masterpiece of technology was named Pinchas, how fitting for next weeks Torah portion. On the way down to Jerusalem we saw where the parsha took place (from the window of the bus). Lila tov



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Chadar ochel

I haven’t spoken Hebrew for almost 30 years. We are in Israel right now and I can’t help myself wanting to throw out some evrit. It is amazing what the brain retains. I was sitting at the bar with David in tel aviv and I needed a napkin. I remembered the word mapeet immediately. I wish I could remember more important things in my daily life. Today we were fortunate to be able to visit an army base on the Israeli/Lebanon border. The soldiers let us climb on the tanks check out their guns and then we are lunch with them in the chadar ochel, food hall. We all spread out and mixed with the 18-21 yr old soldiers. I sat with the girls. It was really nice to talk and ask questions. The word chadar ochel is meaningful to me because we are there 3x a day at camp ramah. Today a new association.



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Tonight completes a vision of a project thought up close to a year ago. We had a vision of starting a chess charity and merging the mitzvah project between Phoenix and our destination bar mitzvah in Israel. After the Tempe sister cities run, Bennett looked up who our Phoenix sister cities was and found out we were connected to Ramat Gan, Israel. We did a lot of research and found the Etude chess club of Ramat Gan and started corresponding with FIDE master Dan Drori. Tonight, we went to Etude as they hosted a blitz tournament welcoming Bennett. It was so cute, the kids were saying in Hebrew, “who is the American.” Bennett said a few words at the start. It got translated with applause! So amazing! David and Bennett are there still playing he will present the check for $1000 at the end of the tournament. Soooo nice! The remainder of the money raised is going to pay for the chess club at the UMOM homeless shelter for families. We have 20 kids coming regularly to the club. How wonderful it is to see your son smile and be proud of his good deeds. 20140629-224125-81685240.jpg20140629-224124-81684900.jpg




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First day if touring in Israel. Our guide Elan picked us up and we want to the Ayelet bullet factory. This was a kibbutz that was to teach other pioneers how to live and run a kibbutz during the British mandate (prior to 1948). The Haganah (prior to the IDF) came up with an idea to have a top secret bullet factory under the laundry and bakery. We toured the 300 sq yard space where 45 young volunteers risked their lives every day making the bullets used for the war of Independence. Check it out.


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Express London

We were in and out but left with a desire to return. Bennett said he would like to come back for a semester of college in London. Brett loved the city, the trees, the grass, and the rain. Actually, we only had a little drizzle. He could do without the smokers. There were a lot of smokers. One thing that David and I talked about was the crazy amount of cranes. I felt like we were back in Boston during the “big dig”. Sign of a boom. It is so nice to emersse in the city’s hustle. We walked and walked and walked seeing do many national treasures. Learned a little bit along the way. Mimi conquered a fear of heights by riding on the London Eye. Definitely a highlight floating above the river. Bennett are fish and chips. A milestone in his history of food. Brett tasted a lot if new foods too. Proud of them both for just going for it. David and the boys split and did “clue quest” where they lock you up in a room and have to solve puzzles and find the clues to get out. You will have to ask them how they did. Where are they anyway? My mom, Mimi and I chose go shopping and to have a nice dinner at Harrods. Yesterday we met up with our cousin Jill who traveled 3 hours from Liverpool to meet us in person. You may remember me blogging about Jill over the past few years. Our history and lineage goes back to Seredzius, Lithuania. Amazing how genealogy takes you on these paths. We had such an lovely time chatting, connecting, and looking at documents dotting i’s and finding the t’s to cross. So happy she made the trip. We all felt a special bond. Blogging right now with my thumbs on our flight to Israel. I woke up Brett this morning saying, “we are going to the holy land, get up” lol! He was miserable. He finally has mellowed out. Excited to go to the beach today and walk around Tel Aviv tonight.

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Getting excited for another overseas trip. England and Israel. Bennett’s bar mitzvah!

20140621-152411-55451442.jpg Practicing with the Torah at Temple Chai. Getting excited.

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Springform pans- reloaded

Apple Cinnamon spring-form pan cake. Good for break-fast or just breakfast!

Tonight I made my friend Liz’s apple cinnamon cake in a “spring-form pan” for break-fast or just for breakfast.  I was thinking about my blog entry from April 2012 when I thought I was hysterical writing about….”springform pans in 1800’s Europe” and “Do they have 5k’s in Warsaw?”.  Back then I thought I was the only one going to read my blog.  It amazing that even after the trip, I am still getting followers and my blog has hit over 4,300 hits.  Since the trip, I have a visual on the house where my great great grandparents lived.  Like me tonight, they prepared special food and deserts for the holy holiday of Yom Kippur.  I wonder if we share the same recipes? Did my great great grandmother use a spring-form pan? LOL. Wishing everyone an easy fast.


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