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Zookeeper’s wife

Zookeeper’s wife

Wasn’t planning on blogging tonight but I was hit with so much emotion after watching “The Zookeeper’s Wife” tonight.  In 2012 my mom and I went to Warsaw to start our Roots Tour. The first day when we arrived our guide Graznya took us on a brief tour of Warsaw before we went on the train to Krakow. Tonight the places we saw became so incredibly real on screen. The scenes of the Warsaw ghetto and the bombed out Old Town became so real.  I thought of this picture that I took in the area that was the Ghetto where they posted photos of people who lived there before they killed the Jews. The wall is just a symbol of tiles of mosaic in the street.  There are pictures all over Warsaw of what it looked like after the war. It was nearly destroyed.  The movie was based on a true story and I found myself unable to move sobbing in my seat at the end.  What a horrible situation. Fucking Nazi’s!

Part of what remains from the Ghetto, memories of families and people who lived there


I believe this was the building where people came in/out of into the ghetto (similar to the movie)



Location of where the wall was built


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Did they have Springform pans back in the day?

Katz's lemons Passover Cheesecake

Twas the night before Passover and all the Jews are a bakin…chocolate salted matzah, macaroons, brisket and lemon cheesecake? I was going to make a poem but I have cookin to do… As I make my signature Katz’s lemons Passover cheesecake, I couldn’t help but reflect on my ancestry’s preparation for Passover. My guess from what I have read was they were all pretty religious. They must have been cleaning their cabinets of bread products (limited in variety) donating to the local food bank? Hmm there must have been something back then. So if they were baking pies and cakes… what kind were they? I am guessing they didn’t have Springform pans. I did a Google search to find definitions but no history of when the Springform pan was invented. Even Wikipedia didn’t have it, actually not that surprised.  Wishing everyone a wonderful Passover and Easter holiday.

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