Traveling Lithuania

We arrive Wednesday and have a meet and greet with the 24 others who are on our Litvak tour. We spend 10 days in Lithuania visiting Jewish sites and special places within the country. We spend 2 days on or “roots tour” . What that means is that we all split up and go to the “shetles” of where our families lived. We will be going to Jurbarkas and Seredzius. We meet back in Kovno.

Note from the field… I am trying to get my facts 100% accurate but the may not be perfect. Taking notes where I can.
Until this journey, I never really thought about who in my family died in the Holocaust nonetheless how they died. There are incredible accounts in JewishGen about what happened to an incredible town on the Neiman River. They talk about the good and the evil. If you are interested, here is the link for Jurbarkas. It is hard to imagine your family being shot in the woods and buried semi-alive in a mass grave. It will be an emotional moment when we walk in their footsteps. I hope to share images and these emotional moments in this blog.


One response to “Traveling Lithuania

  1. Nathan Koppel

    December 30, 2013 at 10:24 am

    What an amazing conerage of your liniage. Ny parents and their family are all from the same area, but i do not have any dep background on theirs othe than one family were shoemalers and the other were rabbis including rabi Hertzkovitz(sp?) and the name Glazer.


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